The First Word on Lawson’s Acquisition of Enwisen

As I was mulling over the sequence of events leading up  to today’s announcement, I realized that this was the first acquisition Lawson has done since the broad adoption of social networking and thought that various analysts and pundits would be having their say about our decision to acquire Enwisen.  Then I realized that I could put the first commentary out there and see what the blogsphere thinks about our decision – so here it goes.

I am enthusiastic about what this deal means for Lawson HCM.  Not only does it add a suite of high growth products to our portfolio, but it also brings some superior talent into the company to help us drive forward our overall strategy, and that’s always a good thing.  This deal will allow us to add new products to our core offerings in the areas of Onboarding and Total Rewards, and customers will be able to leverage these solutions on top of whatever other Lawson products they might be using from us.

But more importantly, the acquisition opens up an entirely new segment of the market to Lawson HCM:  HR Service Delivery.  The functionality will give organizations the ability to transform the way they deliver HR services and in combination with our Workforce Management, Human Resource and Talent Management systems allow us to deliver a market-leading product footprint to our customers.  The Portal and Knowledge Base products that Enwisen has built are second-to-none, and they really deliver on the promise that stakeholders (employees, managers, HR generalists) can find information they need in two clicks or less.   And the call center applications make it possible for HR departments to drive significant cost out of the service delivery model while materially improving delivery quality to everyone involved.

Something that made this deal unique was the fact that we have been a reseller of Enwisen’s products for about 3 years.  So we have firsthand experience with their products, have already built the necessary technology so that they work together with ours and know that our customers love their stuff.   In fact, I had gotten a bit tired of employees and customers suggestion that we buy the company!

We are pleased to welcome Enwisen’s 250+ customers to the Lawson community and will continue to serve the markets Enwisen has supported for many years.  We hope to significantly accelerate the growth of the customer base by even more attention to our existing markets – particularly our strong verticals in public sector and healthcare.

Last, and definitely not least – a thank you to the people of Enwisen.  It’s always exciting and challenging to sell your company, and I know that the people selling it matter.  So I am always humbled when folks that have worked as hard as these individuals have look you in the eye and say, ‘yes, we want to sell you our company.’  Congratulations and thanks to all of the employees at Enwisen and particularly CEO Wally Smith, President DJ Chhabra, Marketing Chief Barbara Levin, and CFO John McLaughlin.  We thank you for your trust and confidence, and look forward to Enwisen’s bright future as a Lawson company.

Watch my LWSN-TV interview.

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8 Responses to The First Word on Lawson’s Acquisition of Enwisen

  1. Larry and both the teams at Lawson and Enwisen. Congratulations on the transaction. I’m looking forward to seeing the future of these two companies together. Great way to end 2010

  2. Karen Beaman says:

    Congratulations! Great synergy!

  3. Ahmed Limam says:

    Good to see Lawson expanding on a key HR process not well covered by “SOP” (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft.) How will that impact your global footprint, since the Enwisen product is US-only and so far Lawson’s global expansion has been very timid, especially in Europe (despite the Intentia acquisition.)?

  4. Patricia Cuddy says:

    I have only followed Enwisen intermittently since some independent counsulting I did there in the early 2000’s and have been impressed by the evolution of a management team and business model that has resulted in the company Enwisen is today. However, I was suprised that when the “particular managers” congratulated and thanked did not include Barry Maxon or Roger Woehl. I was there with them at a time when none of the rest of the current management team was. In each of their own areas of expertise, Barry and Roger thoroughly dedicated themselves to a very early version of the product and believed in its potential. Sales were made despite production challenges any new company faces, sales to implementation times continually improved and these managers were encouraging toward a staff when the staff sometimes did not believe they could work any harder (or smarter). I often saw Barry or Roger smile and welcome unexpected challenges that would have completely angered many managers. Without their early efforts and dedication, I would not be surprised if Enwisen did not even exist today. My congratulations to them.

  5. You are absolutely right, Patricia. Barry and Roger are definitely weaved into the fabric of Enwisen and have both made material contributions to the company’s success so far. I’ve personally enjoyed working closely with them over the past several weeks and more importantly am excited about working with them long into the future!

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